Hey folks!

I've been havin a Gibson SG Special Faded now for 2 years. Awesome guitar no doubt! But i go around thinking about buyin a Jackson for my style of music. Thrash, black metal, power metal. But i think the SG is a all-around guitar, and is awesome for those good old-school metal riffs. Black sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, ya know. So i thought, if maybe i installed some EMG pickups, or the Seymour Duncanc Blackouts (Prefer them) into the SG, and got some new tuners (tuners sucks on the SG ) and like ''customize'' my beloved SG, and turn it into a monster for all kind of metal riffing, instead of spending those 1000 dollars on a Jackson, i cant afford. What ya think?
so you want to change pickups and tuners?

for pups go to the ultimate pickup thread. You may have to route if the batteries won't fit in the SG control cavity but i remember reading they were pretty spacey. Never had one so i wouldn't know.

For tuners i say locking.
...but if you think the SG is an "all-around guitar, and is awesome for those good old-school metal riffs", then don't change the pickups... Unless you mean that the look goes well with that sort of stuff...