Vocals will go on the track as well but it was a bit of a mission to record and i'm rather drained atm after getting the inspiration this morning and spending 6 hours on it. Feel free to check out the other songs while you're on the site.

If you are impatient am feeling quite smug about the van-halen-ish guitar wank at 2.30

Am very good at C4C so this is on of course naturally
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hey cheers for the crit, I quite like what you got going on here. There are a few things I do find a bit distracting, like the drums seem to be quite overpowering and a bit bland, maybe a few alterations on the beat would sort it out. Maybe its just the style, i wouldnt say I listen to much alt. pop and the tone seems that little bit too muddy for my tastes but overall its quite a good track. The atmosphere-y foundation riff sounds alot like what you'd find on the Half-Life game :P which is a good thing.
Intro guitar sounds OK, but a bit too much reverb. It doesn't match that the guitar is super-reverb-y & the drums are super dry. I would add some reverb to the drums. To me this song sounds like it's from the 80's (I like the 80's). I'm not so sure the drum rhythm matches the guitar rhythm, but maybe it doesn't really matter. Please review my music at this link:

Definitely getting joy division feel and there is that special place in my heart that appreciates it. I think the mix could be a bit better with the other instruments taking a more prominent roll because I think the drums over power them. Other than that I would like to hear vocals with them because I could get a better idea of the flow of the song.

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Smile alot today... okay?