I tried making a pencil capo on 12-56 not even slinky earnie ball strings but it rings.
Does a real capo work well on thick gauges? I'm thinking of getting one to tune my guitar back to E standard.
why wouldn't it?

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A pencil capo will always ring if your neck radius is too small because it's perfectly straight. And yes, a real capo will work. Especially if it's one that you hand-tighten.
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You can bend the strings well with a capo too right? It's basically like a nut on the fret for the guitar?
just use a real capo. like a shubb or a kyser if you must you'll be fine.

and yes you can bend strings and use a capo.... if you couldn't then we all have been doing it wrong.
you can. it's harder to bend on the frets closest to the capo depending on what type you get. all i can say is wow, you must be special
Obviously a capo works on thick strings.
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