Alright, I'm looking for some new solos to learn. I play pretty much any style but I feel like learning some wicked metal solos, preferably 80's thrash. I have a lot of trouble with sweep picking of any sort, which has barred me from learning to play stuff like Hangar 18 and Tornado Of Souls at full speed (I can play parts of both of those), so I'd prefer solos without sweeping of any sort.

Some solos I can already play-

Stairway To Heaven
Hotel California
One (can't play some parts of the solo, but I have most of it down)
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Run To The Hills (sloppy, but I just learned it today in about 20-40 minutes)

Like I said, my main issue is sweeping, I just can't do it. I'll learn eventually but for now I'm not really interested in it. Sadly a lot of my favorite Megadeth solos use a bit of it, but whatever.
i know your looking for 80's thrash, but how about some Ozzy (anything with randy rhoads). I love playing his riffs and solos
Mustaine's solo from Holy Wars is insanely fun to play. Obviously Maiden solos.
For the 80's Thrash thing, Try;
Blackend - Metallica
Fade to Black - Metallica (if blackend is too hard)
Any Death Angel song ever,
kill the king - Megadeth
Kiss of Death - Dokken (really fun riff)

Best of luck dude
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good mourning/ black friday - Megadeth
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