I've learnt my pentatonic and major and minor scales.
Is the only way to fully know the scales all over the fretboard to learn every single note. I know this is easier than it seems but is there no way of learning scales with doing this.

Actually, if you haven't noticed, the scales follow the same pattern, they just start on different frets.

Example: F Phrygian


G# Phrygian follows the same finger intervals.


See what I mean? Same finger pattern. Just learn those and you can apply it to any root note. What's even better is that the 7 major modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian) all connect together. But, that's a lesson for another day.
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The scales you mentioned follow a pattern so it helps to remember the pattern or "shape" of the scale. For example if you start on your root note F and play a major pentatonic the shape should be the same through the first octave on every root note. ie. f, g, a, b, c, d ,e.

Same goes for your minor pentatonic and harmonic minor scales. I hope this helps.

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Keep in mind there are different shapes for the scales as you go up the neck. For example, you mentioned teh Pentatonic scale. I don't know if you meant that you had learned one shape.... the most common I think is:

(for the key of Am)

But you can play in this key below the 5th fret and above the 8th fret... there are 5 shapes for the pentatonic scale up and down the neck. Learn all 5 "shapes" and you can play that scale all over without necessarily knowing every note by name. But that doesn't mean that knowing every note would necessarily be a bad thing... maybe you already knew about the shapes, but when I first learned it I went a long time only knowing that one shape, and not knowing how to move it.