HI, I'm a beginner and trying to figure out a song and I'm stuck. What is this chord called- Its a C chord only using your pointer and ring finger (omitting the 2nd fret D string-middle finger)?

Is it even a chord?


Edit: oops, sorry thought the 3 was a 2

Cadd9 with an E at the bass

or possibly

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It's just a CAdd2 first inversion isn't it?
I just realised though that I've used that chord so often without realising it.
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Actually, you are only plugging C notes, so I guess it isn´t even supposed to be called a chord, more likely a unison interval plugged at the same time... crazy stuff, huh.
You're still playing the D. TS was just saying (Somewhat clumsily) that instead of playing the E typically found on the D string of a CMaj, you're playing just an open D.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
Thanks everyone for your help!! It just sounds better than a regular C, and I just wanted to name it right so that it shows correctly on the tab I submit. I'll just put my own chord chart up on how to play the "C"
Thanks again!!
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It's Csus2.

That chord where you take out the E that this chord has two of?
I never thought I'd make such a stupid mistake

C(add9) is the most likely, seeing that TS seems to be using it in place of a standard C chord.
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I'd call it a Cadd9/E unless something really compelling about the context changed that.
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