Hey, I'm looking for a cheap acoustic guitar to practice and play on. The only real criteria is:

- No cutaways
- Holds tune well
- around <£100

Willing to go used

Playability wise I'm probabyl gonna set it up with heavy strings and high action, so thats not really a problem.
Mentioned in a recent thread. The WashburnD10s is one of the cheapest solid tops around.

EDIT:There was also a cheap Vintage guitar, i can't remember the model though....I'll look the thread up

EDIT2: Ahh, here we go. Vintage v300. Another cheap solid top for around £100

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As mentioned above, the Vintage V300 is definitely worth considering. Retails for slightly more than 100 notes though.
Stagg or Westfield acoustics are pretty reasonable. I bought a Heartwood Acoustic the other day and I bought it out of the Westfield but the price for the Westfield was £89, pretty good price if you ask me.