I have an old PV Classic 50, and I have enjoyed it, I just won't be using it as much anymore. I need a second amp for my other guitarist to plug an acoustic into, and maybe for some slightly overdriven rhythms on electric.

I know the predominant instinct should be to stick with the tube amp, but the flextone is so much sexier. And it sounds good from the clips I hear on youtube. It sounds like a SS amp, but a good one.

If i could get some cash on top of this trade, what would your recommendation be?
I'd take the Peavey over the Flextone any day.
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Quote by FuzzLove
I'd take the Peavey over the Flextone any day.

I agree. I entertained the idea of the offer since it wasn't a terrible one, but the more I listen to the L6 and think about it, I have it pretty good. Now I just have to re-tolex the ugly SOB.