ive been playin for a while, and just finally got to screwin around in tunings such as open d/e/g/c.

could someone give me a list of their favorite songs to play in open tuning? even if its not in one of these, im sure i can make amends to my voice to make it work. thanks so much!

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open e little martha allman bros
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Mumford and Sons is open D mostly, with a capo on 2, a lot of the time, for open E.

Personally, I'd recommend getting thicker gauge strings, tuning to open C, then using a capo, so you have the freedom of being in most common open tunings, such as capo on 2 making open D, capo on 4 making open E, capo on 7 making open G etc etc.

Some more artists to look into are Neil Young, Goo Goo Dolls, Seasick Steve, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and Jose Gonzalez.