On guns and roses sweet child of mine intro slash plays a solo whenever i play it the notes dont well "fade Together" there is always a short gap between them and if i play it faster it wont sound right any help thanks
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Play it super slow until you get it... once you get it, you'll be all like "dude, I'm soooo stupid"

Once you get it, it's easy
Yeah practice. Try and start playing the next note before you kill the note you're playing, so there's an overlap, if you know what I mean. Kinda makes it flllooowwwww
Depends, could be a fretting problem. Like your taking your fingers off the string too early, in anticipation of the next note. In which case you just need to relax, and maybe slow the tempo down to a point where you can fret smoothly, and try to increase the pace from there.

Or the problem could be the picking hand just can't keep up. You should analyze the parts where you stutter and ask yourself why. Are you throwing in a double down pick where an alt pick would make more sense, that sort of thing.