So the input jack wires came out of the soldering cuz of my ignorance. I dont have anything to solder with. My only idea was to heat up the old solder with a lighter, but that seems pretty bad. what d I do?
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Take it to your nearest guitar shop before you do even more damage.
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If you absolutely had to, you could strip the wires a little bit, and use electrical tape to fix them temporarily to the jack, but I would just recommend going out to Hobby Lobby, or even Walmart, and picking up a $10-$15 soldering iron and some solder and be done with it. It's not difficult to do, just gotta make sure the leads go back to the same soldering point where they came off of.
Or, find someone's dad or uncle or neighbor who works on electronics. Chances are you kn ow someone who know someone who is able to fix it and will show you how