Hey, my lead singer wants to change our name from Kaimetsu to Like It's Your Last. It's taken us over a year for people in my area to realise we're Kaimetsu and not Thrashing On Friday anymore, and we've had this name for about a year. I think it's a really bad idea to change the name and especially to something as easy to forget as Like It's Your Last, which is completely ripped off of a Devil Sold His Soul song and unoriginal by all means.

We came up with Kaimetsu ourselves, and it translates as Japanese for Armageddon/Destruction. We didn't rip it off from anywhere at all. And we feel it's a unique enough sounding word to sound memorable and to stick out in your mind. What does everyone think? Is it a childish name for a bunch of teenagers that think they're hardcore? Or will we lose fans for changing our name and people not knowing who we are anymore?

A link to our myspace is in my sig if anyone's wondering whether it'd suit our style or whatever.
like its your last sux as a band name, try to compromis with him and have it be a name of one of your songs or something, maybe an album title if you make one
Yea don't change the name. Especially if its for something completely ripped off. thats kinda gay
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personally i wouldnt call my band either name, but thats just my opinion and I have no idea what your music is about. When I hear the "Kaimetsu" name im thinkin you guys are an asian power metal band. When I here "Like Its Your Last" im thinkin its another generic "hard" rock wanna be metal band. overall i would take Kaimetsu over the other. if it means something to your band, then why argue with it. no matter what your band name is, not everyones gonna like it, and since Led Zeppelin is taken you might as well use Kaimetsu
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Like It's Your Last is unbelievably generic.
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" translates as Japanese for Armageddon/Destruction"
and how many people know that. You need to come up with a name that your core audience can pronounce.
just my opinion
If I saw you guys, I would just remember you as "That band with the K name." It really doesn't matter what your name is unless you're playing a lot of shows. My band has had a different name for each of our gigs over the past two years, haha. Thats not really a good idea, but we could never decide on anything. Don't change your name unless everyone in your band is 100% sure they like the new name better, otherwise you'll end up like us and basically spend two years without a band name. What eventually happened to us is that we grew into one of the names. Back when it was first suggested we didn't think it was hardcore enough, but then we mellowed out (by which I mean we have several acoustic songs along with our heavy metal) and the name fits now. Its kinda an unspoken agreement that Never The Same is our name now, but we're all afraid that if we set it in stone we'll change our minds again.

P.S. Myspace is dead. Quit wasting your time on there.
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This is similar to a problem I had. My band couldn't decide on a name AT ALL! I wanted a certain idea to be the name but the lead guitarist cliamed "people might get the wrong impression". When I asked him to think of one, his all sucked hard. Eventually, we went with my idea cause it was the best and I convinced him so. Frankly, I think you should go with Kaimetsu, the other one is A): Too generic, B): sounds like one of those lame rock-trying-hard-to-be-metal. I know I basically repeated what everyone else said, but still the more opinions the better!
Like It's Your Last sounds like either a song/album title (someone said it earlier, not a bad idea) or the name of a prog-death-screamo-(insert more lame subgenres here)-metal-core band. Keep the one you have now.
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Like It's Your Last is a terrible name from any perspective, but Kaimetsu is the sort of name that will be seen differently by different people, I know the odd word or 2 of Japanese and can pronounce the word so it sounds kinda cool to me, but to some people it will be confusing and people won't make the effort to pronounce it and remember it, you could just end up being "the band with the Jap name" or something.

If it's a choice between the 2, Kaimetsu is much, much better.

And yes, constantly changing your name is not a good idea, people who aren't informed of your name change, on Myspace and such, will just think you're a new band.
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A few thoughts here:

1. "The band with the K name" - I agree entirely with that post. That's what I would think too. Without going back and re-reading the thread.... Kiemetsu? I've forgotten it already, never mind how much further off I would be in another hour or two. Yeah, the band with the K name.

For that reason, I don't like it. For marketing, you want people to remember your name. Otherwise, the likelihood of them telling their friends about this great new band they just heard.... the band with the K name.... will either not happen at all, or will be lost entirely.

2. Like It's Your Last does sound generic to me. Generic enough that I had to go back and re-read the thread to find out what it was again.

The thing about band names is, it doesn't really matter how "good" they are, as much as it matters whether people remember it. Collective Soul is a great name. The name itself is a hook, and it's easy to remember. Same with the Grateful Dead, or NOFX. Those names are rare. The Goo Goo Dolls, on the other hand, is a stupid name (arguably even stupider, but at least less offensive than their original name, The Sex Maggots). Of course, that never prevented them from becoming famous.... nor did a stupid name prevent a whole host of other bands from becoming successful either - Barenaked Ladies, Meat Loaf, Blind Melon.... Generic names never hurt anyone either.... Nirvana, Boston, AC/DC....

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At least in metal, there have been plenty of successful bands that have non-English sounding names like Meshuggah, Melechesh, Gojira, Kalmah, Korpiklaani and Turisas, just to name a few. Compared to some of them, Kaimetsu is pretty straight forward. Like it's your last is much more generic, and in my opinion much more forgettable.

Plus, my knowledge of branding says that you've established a reputation, and if you want to keep that reputation you have to keep your image. Band name is part of that. I wouldn't change that unless you're overhauling the band for some reason, like you're changing musical direction, recovering from a bad dry spell, or making a lot of changes to your lineup.
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Building on axemanchris's response, consider what other brands, outside of music have become successful.

McDonalds? BMW? Hersheys? United Airways?

You get the idea. Stop fighting over names of your product and focus on improving and selling it.
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Yeah Axeman and Alan kind of said it already. Personally I prefer Kaimetsu because at first glance it doesnt really mean anything yet.

Eitherway you'll be that band with the K or the one with three words and some L's. Unless ofcourse, you get it over with and start working to make the name become a brand. Give people something valuable so they'll WANT to remember your name. If I actually see decent bands I'll see if I can find out the bandname.

So yeah, get to work and make your act something special.
It's a brand, but what you call it is a 50/50 on whether it matters or not. Eventually, a good band name represents the music well and is memorable, but if you think too much about the band name and who's going to care or what it sounds like, you aren't giving the music a chance to try it out. Hmmm, one of if not my favorite bands is Queens of the Stone Age... it's a long, misleading and hard to remember for anyone with an attention span of a goldfish. But, oh, wait, they're a well respected and somewhat popular band, and it kinda fits for the music!

It could just be me though. I could care less what goes into a name or image. If it's a weird name, then I give props to them for not giving a shit. Hell, I know of an indie/rock band called "Arctic Death". Maybe a random person might think it's a heavier band, but if they keep it, then they become known as that no matter what.