I presume UG will have a lot - so go ahead and let me know your offers, can't find these preowned in any stores and i'm not paying £40 quid for guitar hero 3 .

I'm preferably looking for a les paul (gh3 remote) and gh2 and gh3, although i'm open to any offers (that includes drums etc.)

Xbox 360 only

Pm or leave your message here please



dont know weather its any help but have you tried having a look on amazon or gamestation for used ones id say that a gud bet to get em cheaply.
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Yeah I've had a look but I also think I'd rather give back to fellow musicians that no longer want their things than give more and more to a corporation (I'm not a commie btw -_-)


Ones that I am looking t get rid of are: GH World Tour (4), GH Smash Hits, and the wired GH2 controller.
Today I bought the full band set for ghwt and gh3 with a controller so now I'm only really looking for the games, cheers guys.