I'm looking to start recording and I'm leaning pretty hard towards multi-track at this point, mostly because I can't stand 90% of digital tones, will be doing a significant amount of acoustic recording, and I want something I can take with me to college. Is this stupid?

Anyway, I'm looking at the Tascam DP-02. It seems like pretty much exactly what I want (built-in EQ, mic inputs with good preamps, and on-board mastering), but I've just got a few questions that I'd love some help on:

  • Are you able to listen to your previously recorded tracks of a song while simultaneously recording new ones? For example, could I record a hand drum then listen to that instead of using the built-in metronome while recording the guitar track for the same song?
  • Does most of the equalizing happen after everything has been recorded, as part of the mastering process?
  • Can you save tracks and projects without having mastered them? Say, could I record drums and bass, then a few days later return and do guitar and vocals, then a couple day after that EQ and master everything?

Thanks for the help!
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I've got one and I learnt the basic recording process on it and still use it to record demos. To be honest, its pretty great for what it is. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, you can listen to previous tracks whilst recording on a new track. Its all explained in the manual.
2. Yes, you record, then eq. Although for something "professional" i wouldn't eq on board, i'd move the tracks onto a digital software, however, that may just be me.
3. Yes, you can save tracks and projects without mastering them.

Good luck and hope that helps.