Really want one of these guitars but have no idea how much they go for and were I can find one? Know anything?
What year do you want? If you want a new one, they're not too bad, but as you go back, they get downright expensive. I want one so bad, I can almost taste it.
I think a 1979 was the last year they made them so how much would one off thoes cost and were could i find it?
Try here:


I've seen some sites that have prices for the ES-335, but don't see anything similar for the 325. I would actually take either. Your best bet is going to be to locate one through Guitar Center, or online at a mom/pop guitar store. You wouldn't be able to play it, but most places will ship.
I have about a grand right now and i wasn't sure if this was enough. Would it be bad to by one off ebay or is it best to locate self owned music stores and by from there. Would i need more money also? thanks for all the help!
Be cautious of eBay. That's not to say you can't find a genuine Gibson ES-325 on eBay, but there are a lot of fakes and disreputable sellers out there. I'd have a grand, or maybe a little more. If you try to buy one from a store, don't forget to negotiate. If they want $1250 for the guitar, tell then you have $1000 and that's it. Perhaps you have more, but no need for them to know that. Chances are, they'll work with you and bring down the price. You know they're probably doubling their money anyway.