Now on to the cover,

I thought it had good potential but wasnt recorded or mixed to the best degree.

Your vocals were great in some parts but quite subpar in others, that might be hasty recording or you just need to make it your own more. Claudio sings extremely tough stuff and if your not claudio you need to modify it, i didnt feel enough of you in it.

The guitars were good but they sounded off time in parts and lacked the subtle traces of the original song. When the second guitar comes in at the start it is far too loud, also in the chorus the distortion guitar should not be so loud, you lost all the buildup to the solo in my mind.

Good cover overall though, it just lacked the professional touch that separates good from great.
Thnx for the comments Dwight. If you could give specifics on which parts of the vocals were subpar, I would appreciate it. I think the first part I go a little higher I was off key for a second, but I cant listen at the moment.

As for being off time, was it the lead parts during the verse and chorus? During the chorus, the lead I was using was so hot I was having a hard time dampening it and I was getting an extra pull-off note here and there. And the reason I used that hi gain tone was because I wanted to smoothly go into the solo instead of having a new track.