Hi, I am about to buy my first acoustic/electric, however my budget is limited (350$), my local store has Takamine EG340C and Ibanez AEL20 both for the same price

I like the sunburst color of the Ibanez pretty much, but my priority is the sound quality(unplugged usually but plugged too), I think the Takamine's tone is a little better/sharper

Any recommendations? I'm a total beginner

if those are your only 2 options, and you must have an acoustic electric, definitely go for the tak. do you actually need electronics?
I like takamine more than ibanez, but I personally would try to look at others. I like alvarez a lot and they are cheap. I love the fender CD-140sce a lot too. I have the regular dreadnaught version, but my roommate has the electric and it's very nice.
Thanks for the fast response! I actually want electronics only to tune the guitar correctly Somehow my locals shops don't have any Alvarez(I live in Canada) But there is others like Yamaha Epiphone Beaver creek

Do you have any idea of models in the same price range(350CA)?

I had an epiphone I think a pr 150 that I bought for $100 american a long time ago. I still have it at my folks house in California. I thought it was great, especially for the price. It wasn't an acoustic/electric but it was good. My buddy had an epiphone hummingbird and it sucked. It cos quite a bit more too. I guess epiphone is hit or miss. Every yamaha i've played I hated, but some people like them.

I don't know what else to recommend. Just play everything you can get your hands on.
i wouldn't buy the epiphone ahead of the tak.

you can buy an electronic tuner for $20 or less, and that way you can afford to buy a better quality guitar - one with a solid top for better sound, like a yamaha fg730 or seagull entourage s6.