Hey everyone!

It's been a while since i've post here

Check my new song it's called We're not going to talk it's on my UG Profile

As always C4C

Poignant dreams of spilling things
All over you oh what to do
My mind is numb
I’m sure you can help yourself

Had these dreams
I drowned them out
Don’t remember what that was about
In fact I don’t even remember you

Were you telling me things
Or the TV?
You both seemed scared
I didn’t care
I was being washed away
In all your glory

[We’re not going to talk
You’re not going to listen
I’m not going to cry
In front of you]

I tried to talk
But both my lips
Were being tied down

A sea of skin
Stretched taught and thin
Over legs and arms and hips
Your wear it well

And I’ll act like
It’s completely fine
My feet are past that invisible line
Than one I drew when I told you we were friends
Smile alot today... okay?
The song itself is very good. Sometimes the different guitars sound a bit out of tune. The guitar playing is good. Most of the singing is good, though slightly pitchy at times. Not sure where the hum/tape hiss is coming from, very noticeable at the end. For the most part, it's a good recording. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks for the comment on my song. Now on to your critique:

First, I can tell its pretty good quality in terms of recording. I'm liking the light guitar tone. The drums kind of leave something to be desired, as they sound electronic.

When the vocals come in two things come into play. One: your vocals are very nice. Two: The acoustic guitar should be split into two tracks on both sides of the spectrum. I am listening in headphones, and its kind of annoying just hearing the acoustic in my left ear during the verse. The pre-chorus buildup/verse is very nice as well.

Your vocals are very emotive, which is very nice to hear. This song (and your vocals) remind me of Snow Patrol, in both positive and negative ways. The song overall feels very contrived, but accessible and listenable as well. You appear to have been going for a relatively poppy indie rock, and you have essentially made a solid song in that genre. I could imagine many people who are into Snow Patrol, Lifehouse, and similar bands to really enjoy this.
Sumthing Catchy,
Are you from the band Something Catchy (from the northern UK)? If not, where are you from?
Oh no lol sumthing catchy is just an old username :P

I'm from Chicago, IL
Smile alot today... okay?
I really liked it, the bass was a bit too loud in my opinion, but I think that might just be personal taste. Also felt that the song was a little bit slow to get going - the section before the vocals came in could have been a bit shorter without affecting the overall song.

Otherwise, great track! Really enjoyed it.
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I like the airy lead guitar tone, and the drums, the cross stick is a nice touch just light enough and poppy enough (dynamically) to fit the tone of the song without overpowering it. I think the guitar could be a little louder and stand out a little more in the chorus (im not gonna talk), maybe some eq tweaking can have it shining. Vocals are nice, a little bit of Morrissey? Solo reminds me of some Pablo Honey Greenwood work, which is good. Overall, the production is really good, definitely like a finished product.
Goodness gracious me!
reminds me of white lies and the airborne toxic event .....well the vocal do...i love the reverb soaked guitars in the beginning its has a real surf rock kinda feeling to it...id be nice if the drums sounded a bit more natural but natural sounding digital drums are always hard to get. otherwise its a really good track... id pay to hear this in a venue...