Okay, I've been doing some covers lately, but I have a problem, I don't get nervous or anything playing in front of a camera or people, but I get so focused on NOT messing up, so I DO start messing up. I tried not doing it but I'm not doing to well. Any tips?
Maybe you could practice when people are around. Just ask your parents if it's ok to play in the living room when they're watching tv or something like that(without an amp so you don't disturb them too much). This way you may get more used to people around you while playing and the pressure won't be so big since they're primarily focused on something else. It will also practice your ability to concentrate more when there are distracting things around ( for example your parents start laughing all of a sudden) because you probably practice most of the time alone in your room with the door shut and nothing to get you out of your concentration.

I'll give you an example where this comes in later in life: you're at a gig and playing a damn sweet solo, all of a sudden that nice chick in the front row flashes her boobs. It'd look pretty stupid if you lost your concentration and messed up that solo.