Uuuuh... Misty, I guess? That's always been a personal favorite of mine.
Check out some artists and just find what you like. There's Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Barney Kessel, random badasses floating around on youtube, etc.
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Grant Green.
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Grant Green.
+1 Give Idle Moments a listen, probably his best album

Also check out Kenny Burrell and Eddie McFadden
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Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery don't have quite the same sound (like in terms of the backing and stuff) as the youtube video, but they're definitely worth a listen to.

This guy appears to have hints of fusion in him, like, not fusion like Greg Howe and Guthrie Govan, but like Pat Metheny and Joe Scofield. So check those guys out too, they're quite similar to this.
Also if you haven't heard them, check Greg Howe and Guthrie Govan out too!
They have a bit more "rock" in their tunes, but they're still great fusion players.
gregsguitars is such a good channel for jazz guitar

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All these answers are great and I played most of them. But they aren't really that badass overdriven jazz. Maybe im a jackass but it doesn't seem the same