I already have a Dr Z 2x10 8 ohm Cab that I love...

I just want to run a second 1x12 8 ohm Cab in parallel, for more tonal variation in my sound.

I will be ordering it in the next week. I am torn between having it loaded with a Celestion Blue, or a Celestion Greenback.

I know, way different sounds. I am leaning toward the Blue.

The Maz Jr NR does sound good through Greenbacks though...

Tough call!

I wonder how much of a volume difference I will notice between Cabs?

A Dr Z Cab running 1 bigger, more efficient 12" Blue...


A Dr Z Cab running 2 of the Dr's 10" speakers, having sheer number on it's side?

Probably would be close...
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bump for ya

well, I'd go Greenback but I think I get the gist of your question.

all things being equal - power distribution and everything 1 extra speaker adds 3 dB as you probably know. Barely audible increase as it is. More projection as well with the 2 extra speakers. However, the 12" speaker will have more uummph and bass response so it may fill out the frequency range better.

2 - 2x10s stack on top of each other looks cool
if they are just going to be spread out then maybe it doesn't matter

are all of these open backs or closed backs? That might be an interesting consideration.

Wait....you are getting a 112 no matter what? So this is just down to the speaker? Yeah, tough choice - your call
i have a greenie in a closed back 1x12 and a weber blue dog in an open back combo.

what genre are you going for? how are the dr z speakers voiced?

i would go with whichever is most unlike what you already have honestly. both are good speakers obviously. you really won't go wrong either way.
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Thanks for the input guys...

My current 2x10 Cab running the Dr's speakers, I would describe as tight, lots of mid-range, and medium-heavy bass. You wouldn't think the 10's would do well with bass, but I hear plenty of bottom end from my Cab. I also would say they have a snappy response.

Here is Buddy Whittington playing a 1952 Telecaster, into Carmen Ghia, and out of the Dr's 2x10 Cab. My Cab...

Just for the record, I think Buddy is a Fab-U-Loso guitar player.

Here is CountryBilly83 using his Maz Jr, Tele, and the Dr's 2x10 Cab and speakers.

I have heard lows may be a little more focused in the 2x10, than when running a 1x12 Cab? Not sure though.

I found this post from 2003:
"For the 10", he designed it and has Eminence build it, then he installs a dustcap to tweak it for the particular amp he is using it in. Like Joe Naylor, Mike knows tone, and although I've never heard his 10", I've seen a lot of nice comments about it. It is loosely based on the Vintage 10 with a much better overall tone and response".

Not sure if this info is still accurate? Might be based on a Eminence Vintage 10".
They do know they have monster ceramic magnets...

As far as my music taste goes, everything but the real most brutal stuff. From Church, to Classic Rock is what I want to cover.

My 2x10 is the newer Convertible Cab. I run with the panel off. (Semi-Open Back.)
The new 1x12 Cab I order will be the same.

My Cab splitter cable, just waiting to go!

For trivia, both the Dr's 1x12 and 2x10 Cab's, are the exact same size.
I don't want you to think that my Cabs won't visually match.

My Flextone III XL is going into storage, my new Cab will take it's place.

Both Cabs running off of my little hero... (Dr Z Maz 18 Jr. NR Head)

With a few toys up front.

I am having a blast with my new setup...
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For what it's worth...

I decided to go with a Blue over the Greenback.

Reason: The Dr's 2x10 Cab does have pretty efficient speakers stock...
Having two 10" speakers in my existing Cab, adds to the SPL a tad.

So adding a low efficiency 12" Greenback to the mix, it is likely that I won't hear it all that much.

But if I add in a 12" Blue Cab, I probably should hear it pretty good?

I have heard a Blue takes some time to break-in... I will be careful not to judge too quickly.
Just ordered today!


A new 1x12 Dr Z Celestion Blue Cab is heading my way.

It is in Black-n-Tan to match my Dr Z 2x10 Cab.
I will be running er with the panel off.

The Dr's 10's are rated at 102 dB, and the Blue is rated at 100 dB.
Guess I will get to hear what Cab is louder...

Question: When running 2 cabs, and using a parallel splitter cable, do I need to worry if the outside metal sections touch, right were the Cab cables plug in?

Should I put some electrical tape over them?
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I thought of 1 other question...

If I ever ran my single Blue Cab solo, what % of volume should I stay below?

The Blue is rated for 15 Watts, and the Maz Jr is 18 Watts... I probably could hurt the speaker if I dimed the amp...
You need to check how the amps are rated. It could be 18W clean but be putting out much more than that when running dirty. If that's the case I'd not get a 1x12 with the blue but perhaps a 2x12 with two of them. You could always look at one of the clones of the speaker which may have a better wattage.
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Too late...

She is almost here.

Guess I will just keep the Blue running with my 2x10 Cab, all the time.

BTW - On the 2x10's, I do know the speakers are rated at 70 watts each.
The cab is rated at 140 watts.

They can take some juice.
Handy if you ever want to give them a try with a more powerful Amp.
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