Poll: If you made a team, but not the field, would you stay on the team?
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View poll results: If you made a team, but not the field, would you stay on the team?
Yes I would stay on the team
12 43%
No, that would be a waste of time
16 57%
Voters: 28.
So basically, if you were on a team of any sorts (in this case a soccer [football] team) and you made the team, but you would not get to play in the games minus like a few (3-4) and not for long periods at all.

Would you?

This is under the assumption that you are not the kind of person who is trying to be a pro or something, just to have fun with said sport.


I am obviously not the subject of this dilemma.

EDIT: JV team, aka, not being paid, and not as cool as varsity
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Making the team and staying on it is an accomplishment in itself. I would be proud to stay on the team and make a move at a starting spot.
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I think it depends on more circumstances.

For example, if this team is so great that they have a good shot at winning a championship it could be fun to hang along for the ride. Also, say this is a high school team, if you're a junior and you may not play a lot this year it's good to show the coach you have the desire to play that way next year you're more likely to get playing time than if you quit and came back.
I'd stay on the team, assuming I get payed millions a year.
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[quote="'-[NiL"]-']Hell no. I'm wayyyy too competitive.

Yes, because all competitive people quit if they don't succeed.
Well do you love the game more than yourself?

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Yes, because all competitive people quit if they don't succeed.

That's not what I meant at all. I just don't like being on the bench. Take a shot at someone else there, Tyrone.
Hell yeah, the bench isn't going to warm itself

In all seriousness though I have been on th bench a good few times in football, and it's not fun at all. The worst bit is when you get put on in the last 5 minutes, like the manager is trying to insult you
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It depends. Assuming this isn't a school scenario where there's the possibility of getting games the next season etc.

If you're not wanting to play professionally that leaves playing for fun. What fun is there in not playing the sport that you want to play for fun?

I could understand if your mates were on the team and you were having a laugh in training etc but if it's about having fun playing the sport, I'd try for another team where I would get games.
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If I'm still contributing to team in some regard, that's what's important. If I felt like I was not helping the team and all and they would be exactly as successful without me than I think I might be compelled to leave.
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I honestly wouldn't like it. If someone put me on the 20-20 team, I would be pretty frustrated, but I would still probably hang out if I knew the team was good and had a chance at a championship.
Well, no, because I'm not playing on the team...

Silly question, sir.

I'd sit on the bench for millions, if that's what you're asking.
If it was profesionally, hell yeah. To be on a team with lots of good players and getting a chance to win, sitting on the bench wouldn't be bad. At the end of the day, you get paid lots for doing nothing.
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