nice guitar, but people are gonna get butthurt that you didn't post a review.
You belong in a museum.

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Unfortunately without your own personal review of how you find it the mods will close it.

Plus the non-trem lets you screw around with alternate tunings
always kinda wanted a white Omen. I have one in the satin walnut. might get the white one for the hell of it, it's quite a great guitar.
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you're not gonna want to take a dump in a gross, off-colored, vintage toilet. you want something that is white and pearly; something that shines. something that you can put your cheeks against and say, "f*** yeah"
im digging the ibanez.

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Can't go wrong with the price
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Quote by whoahesgood
im digging the ibanez.

Yeah, iv always liked the brightly colored ibanez(s). The neon ones are awesome looking to.
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nice silverburst strat. i didn't think those came with the 70's headstock, also, who autographed it?

is that one of the new ones or wtf?
The Ibanez 350MYE has been at the top of my GAS list for months, just don't have the money right now to buy a new guitar. How do you like it?