This song is not finished (needs vocals) but instrumentally its pretty set. I may re-record some guitars but overall its fine. I am looking for some feedback on it. It should be the last song in the media player on my myspace:


Its pretty long (8 minutes) and has some quirky elements in it. I think its fairly unique and fits the vibe of my projects concept. Any comments on specifics would be great! I will return comment on one (or two if they are short) of your songs to the same extent you comment mine.

Really interesting sound the rhythm is very catchy and the piano parts are very ambient I would love to hear this with vocals I think the Electric guitar could maybe have a different tone right now it sounds a bit digital and when it fades out it sounds a bit weird. Other than that I can't find anything else to complain about the music is creative and easy to listen to. Perhaps you could replace that lead midi keyboard sound with the sound of an acoustic piano because I think that would be cool but that's just a suggestion. Hope you keep making music

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Listening to it now: very cool intro! So far reminding me a bit of Pink Floyd (this is a compliment). On the first distorted guitar: like most of it, but not liking all the notes you are playing (some of the notes sound off key to me). Keyboard audio quality is good. What keyboards are you using? Lead synth and rhythm keys: I like some of the notes you are playing, but not all of them (some of the notes sound off key to me). Very nice string sounds. Nice thunder ending. I like most of the song. Would be interested in what vocals you might add. Please review my music at this link:

wow this is really cool! everything sits in perfectly, with one exception - i find the "whoosh" sample a bit intrusive, i'd just turn the volume down on that a little bit.

this song is so chill right now that all i can think of is the word 'cool,' sorry.

i agree with aaron aardvark, the first distorted guitar riff has that [b3 b2 1] bit that doesn't quite fit. the slightly dissonant synths playing at around 4:10 though, they seem interesting and i find that the occasional off-keys work.

i'm at 6:00 now, your choice of sounds works quite well! creates a very full soundscape.

hmm, 7:30 clean guitar doesn't work for me. i like the ending phrase, but the initial bars were a little odd. actually, that ending guitar phrase was perfect. maybe just tweak the initial bars.

the midsection was a bit stagnant to my taste (the part with the thick string synths), but everything else was thoroughly interesting. what kind of vocals are you planning for this? i'd like to hear how this turns out. also, will you do any songs in this style but with more edge, or is this project to be mainly downtempo?

here's something i'm working on, i could use some advice on strings/synth arrangement!
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Thanks guys. I am actually surprised I got decent feedback on here for once. I will be commenting all of your pieces in due time. Vocally it will be similar to my other songs (feel free to listen if you desire). VisibleNoise, I do intend to (and have) made songs that are more "edgy"; though it depends on your definition of that I guess. I like to mix things up when possible I suppose.
i listend to it. i like what youre doing here. very original. almost trippy. reminds me of a majical forrest or animals or something. very artsy. good song. its long though and i only made it through the first few min. i like how by 2 min there is a changeup and some more heavy guitar comes in. good song man. very exsperimental.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=25154088#post25154088
^Im glad to see you got the vibe in terms of the forest and what not. The song title is related to Celtic mythology related to faeries and the like. I'll give yours a look soon.
good sounding mix! reminds me a lot of nest... very good for just chillin.
The little melodies and drums that peak in and out are really cool.
Generally this is not a style of music i can enjoy thoroughly, but you have some really cool elements and unusual stuff going on. Good job
Critiquing while listening: I really like the intro, I love it. I love it when the guitar comes in! Very ethereal, I love music that sounds like this. Also I gotta say, even though I'm a few seconds into the song, its very original! Good job on that bro! Ok, I like it more as the effects come in, there are some notes that sound a bit sour to me but that could be just me :P Dude, the audio quality is great, ohh nice, distorted guitar. I think it should have been just a bit less distorted but I like what you did with it, so don't change that. I like the total calm part near like 2 15, its so awesome. Oddly enough, it makes think of some magical forest on some weird planet. That's a good thing by the way :P The synths are a bit weird here, a few off key notes, nothing that can't be fixed! Haha this effect at like 4 10 is very cool, I like it It's quite interesting really. The section near 5 mins is a bit "thick", I don't know how to explain it, it sounds too layered. I like the acoustic guitar that comes in, very nice. It fits pretty well I love the part at 6 mins on, it really makes me feel the piece, good work on that part I like the effects man, good job The distorted guitar sounded a bit weird but that's my opinion, take it with a grain of salt. I like the "thunder" sounds at the end. Good job!! It's very interesting, keep it up! Oh btw i listened to your other stuff, pretty nice too

Crit my song? I think it's sorta original but that's left to peoples opinions, really. I haven't any vocals on the song :/ I am looking for a vocalist tho https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1359512
Not really a crit, but "The future is bright.." is simply beautiful!
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Thanks to both of your for your critiques/comments. I will get to critiquing your song inyourgirlagain right now.