I’m new to writing songs so go easy on me.

I have a couple of questions about bridges. I have made bridges in 4 different ways. Here are the 4 ways that i have made them.

1. My favorite way is to continue to play the chorus but just with different lyrics. Is this wrong or should the bridge be completely different from the chorus?

2. My least favorite way is to continue playing the chorus but with no lyrics. I don't like this way at all and i don't think it even counts as a bridge. I probably won't do it this way again.

3. Write a new and different piece for the bridge that has lyrics.

4. Write a new and different piece that doesn’t have lyrics. Does a bridge have to have lyrics?
1. a bridge is generally when the song takes a turn and changes such as diffrent chords, although what your talking about is still a bridge even if the chords are the same, to make it more interesting you could make it slower or faster, change the melody or dynamic, in my band we have instrumentals where our singer plays violin

2. thats not really a bridge thats like an instrumental chorus

3. this is the most popular way

4. this is an instrumental bridge

what you talked about in number one would generally be called an alternative chorus, if every thing stayed the same except the lyrics ( a good example is the end on N.I.N.s/ johnny cash's "hurt")

in the end its up to you, not every song has to have a bridge, it is usually just a part of the song which is diffrent to the rest of the song, (for example "long road to ruin" by the foo fighters, this is a really nice bridge)