I'm thinking of buying a Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo, but I'm not sure what type of case it would go in. Would it fit in a dreadnought case? Is it too "mini" for a regular jumbo case? It doesn't like anyone makes a specific "mini jumbo" case.
The guitar should come with a case that fits it. A lot of Seagulls do. If not, ask the store. They should have some in stock.

It might fit in a dreadnought, but you want a really snug fit so that it doesn't move around when you transport it.
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mine fits in the standard roadrunner hardshell case. its nice and snug too. excellent choice on guitar mate!

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btw, to the op - godin makes a tric case for the mini jumbos. if you'd prefer a hardshell case to a polyfoam case, they may also make a solid case, so why not email seagull support and ask? they've always been quick to respond to me.