Okay, I need help with my novel, that some of you who may know me around here may or may not know that I'm writing.

Anyway, I'm having trouble with this tribe that I have living in the Redwood forest. I got this idea from legends of Navajo skinwalkers, and the basic idea is that they use a drug made to experiment for super soldiers, and it alters the biology of the user to match the biology of a specific blood injected into them. The tribe has taken this to where it's a sort of rite of passage, and a man's first kill is injected, and they take on a hybrid form of what their first hunt was, kind of an extension of eating the heart or drinking the blood of said kill.

Now what I need help with is. I need an idea for a naming system. I thought about them going by what their animal appearance is, but that's incredibly cheesy, and thought it'd be cooler to look at other culture's naming systems, and hoped someone on here would know of some cool ones.

I was also wondering, what sort of animals would be in the Redwoods, keep in mind this is post apocalyptic. I thought about writing in animals that had escaped from the zoo, with the thinking that animals from Africa would be able to thrive in North America's far less strenuous habitats, but unsure of how many of each animal would realistically be held in a zoo.
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I don't think it'd be cheesy. It'd actually probably as close to actual fact as you could get.
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