A new piece I think you all will enjoy a bit.

i climbed a tree today.

it was green and tall and

there were two birds nests.

each had three blue eggs with

baby birds waiting to hatch

and spread their wings.

i climbed a tree today.

and i laughed at the people below,

the ones who couldnt see things from

my perspective.

those who laughed, cried, yelled, screamed

at the kids who sat in their lawn

reading books and thinking outloud.

i climbed a tree yesterday.

and i dont remember

how i thought.

i dont remember the people i saw.

i dont remember the expression i had.

i remember how i felt two years ago.

up against a

brick wall

with someone telling me what to believe.

i remember how i felt the first time i knew i was in love.

but i dont remember what it felt like

to know the world. to understand


i climbed a tree yesterday.

and i asked if you wanted to come up.

and you said

i wont waste my time on it.

and when i climbed the tree again today,

and the green grass grew shorter than

i had seen it before,

i remembered why i didnt remember

how i felt yesterday.

and i laughed

and got down.
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