Hello, I was just wondering how guitarists play breakdowns so cleanly and... good? For example, the breakdown in Boneyards by PWD at around 25 seconds. I find it hard to palm mute and alternately strum the low strings at a good pace and keep it neat and clean sounding. Can someone help me on what I should do to improve my br00tal breakdown technique?
i don't condone playing breakdowns, but the one piece of advice that i've recently found massively useful is to always try to maximize your level of relaxation while playing, no matter whether you're playing at slow or fast speeds.

oh yea, start slow.
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You really just need to develop a feel to it. If you have a TON of trouble with it, theoretically you can always use both hands, but it's much easier and more professional to simply start slow and work at it. It's really an extremely simple technique once you get a feel for it.

Also, you could start muting 1-2 strings until they're comfortable and work your way up.

This is all pretending that breakdowns are professional in any way and that I condone their usage 9 times out of 10.
I know the exact part you're talking about, just learned that a few weeks ago. You just need to practice and practice and practice. One of the most important things about practicing guitar is you need to break it into pieces and practice those pieces at the same speed. If you play half of a riff slow and the other half quickly you're not helping yourself- do it all 1/4 speed, then all 1/2 speed, etc.

Also, dont get discouraged with not getting that sound- they most likely do post-production stuff where they clean it up and make the guitar sound much better and barely ring. Unless you're gonna record that riff and edit it with protools or a similar program you probably wont get that clean of a sound.
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using a metronome in time will help a bunch... theres a free one on this site: http://www.wholenote.com/Default.asp its on the bottom left corner... the 2nd icon to the left. just make sure your sound is on.. BTW: there is no such thing as practicing 'too slow' so practice (if you can find the time) at least 2:30 hours/day ..playing scales, triads, try different modes (of scales and arpeggios) and yeah, through some "chugg-chugg" in there too to make it interesting. It gets funner as you get faster/cleaner/neater at playing...so ANY song you approach can be played with no flaws, instead of playing songs to get better, PRACTICE scales, arpeggios, triads, maybe even work on faster chord-progressions & sequences.

If you need to learn more stuff (arpeggios, ect..) look on that wholenote site on: "basics". I love metal..BUT if you feel like you're getting bored when practicing try learning some spanish (which goes great with metal..I do this with my songs-spanish/metal/acoustic-lots of fun!)...Blues: will teach you a great sense of "feel" so u'll play really smooth and steady along with all that fast stuff too..

I know you just wanted a QUICK answer on how to play BREAKDOWN stuff and NOT soloy-stuff, but all this will help you all around... Cuz there is no real "just this" or "just that" the metronome help you at everything... it will teach you to play everything RELAXED, not tense and sloppy

hope all this helps!
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they most likely do post-production stuff where they clean it up and make the guitar sound much better and barely ring.

Also, you might want to look into a noise gate pedal.
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