so i have been playing guitar for years now and i think im a pretty competent player, and i have been singing in chorus for a year and made it into the select choir so i feel like im good enough at singing, but when i put the two together it all falls apart. i have to simplify all of my guitar playing in order to keep the the rhythm tight. any help or advice on how i could overcome it would be great
you ahve to start with simple guitar playing, and work your way up, it just takes practice for the most part.
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This question is asked at least once every 6 days. Simple answer, learn to count. It sounds trivial but if you can count where which notes fall rhythmically then you should have no problem.
Whenever I learn a song that involves playing and singing, this what I do:

1) Get the guitar part down as close to perfect as I can.

2) Get the vocals down as close to perfect as I can.

3) I start playing the guitar part very slowly and then add singing at that speed to determine where words and notes line up. Then once I feel comfortable with it, I start playing the guitar alone at full tempo. While I'm playing it, I just try and focus on thinking about the vocal melody in my head, as if I was just listening to someone else play the guitar part while doing so. Then I just start singing, not thinking about how I'm playing the guitar part (leaving it all to muscle memory), but being conscious about where words line up with notes while I'm singing so I don't lose my place or get off tempo.

Idk, that's what works for me. Hope that helps.