They're uploaded to my profile, as you can see when/if you hit the link up.


"Birthday Jam": If you dig somewhat catchy pop/punk guitar riffs, with some driving rhythms included, you might like it. It's in the key of A. Justa demo though, I've got way more to write kinda. :P

"She's Beautiful and She Smells Like Cinammon": For those who dig chunkier guitars and effected leads. It's got bits of alternative pop and hxc intertwined. But basically just jamming in fave key.

Feel free to check those out, as well as the others, C4C. I'd appreciate it. Let me know if they're shit, that way I can stop posting em up here lol.

P.S. they're instrumentals now, but eventually I'll have versions with vocals up.

lemme know if you want an update for those.


Check out my self-recorded demos on my profile!!! C4C

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