I just found this again after...ohhh, 17 years of being in storage around my house.
Needless to say, I dusted it iff, pulled out my vcr and watched it

Was it just me, or was this movie really dark for something aimed at children.

There were tons of scenes focusing on depression, murder, and tons of other things. I guess I didn't see this when I was a child, but now...I think this movie may have really paved the way in some of the later Batman series's became increasing violent.

It was just a trip to see something aimed at children so incredibly deep.

Any thoughts?
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Batman is always dark.

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i ****in' love that movie. it used to scare me when i was younger, though there was a lot that i didn't understand. but now, i just find it amazing
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i like how dark batman is always did
in fact im going to watch my batman movie collection now
The scene where the young dude is laughing uncontrollably in hospital ****s with me.
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Batman is always dark.




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ah, i remember this

personally, i think the next live action batman film should have batman as just a crazy ass violent hobo, with billionaire bruce wayne being his fantasy world (while he lives in a box).
Batmanuel for the win! I just watched the complete Tick live action series last night.

Edit: Also, this should be in the film thread.
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