I was thinking about fretting a neck with 6100 fret wire on the first 16 frets and 6105 on the 17th through 24th fret in order to get more space between the higher frets. IMO, the wider frets are more comfortable and the thinner frets feel more acurate and take less pressure to hold down while reaching with my pinky for high notes.

Has anyone tried this?
wont that change the notes at the top end?
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I'm thinking that if the fret slots are cut and spaced correctly and the frets are all leveled crowned and polished at the same time the tones would be correct.
Yea that's fine. Many luthiers do it, including myself.
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Kyle (LPAddict) did it a few times, I'm sure you can find it under his builds.

Doo eet! I've read about it many times, and I actually think I'm gonna go for it when I get around to making some of my own...
Yes, ****ing do it. As long as the frets are the same height you'll be just fine. The width of the frets is just for comfort as far as I know, and that's all down to preference.

In fact I might try it myself, my main guitar has really wide frets all down the fretboard and the thing is an absolute bitch for two-hand-tapping.

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