This is the release version of my first album, The Summer Years. I take credit for all musical composition and mixing on this album and most of the instruments and singing. The forth track features one of my friends.

To listen to and download the album click here.

There were two goals in making this album.
1. Finish making the album before summer is over, and I have achieved that.
2. Create a couple of songs that people would download and listen to again.

At this stage I still need to gain a lot of experience and now that I've got my foot in the door I believe it will be quite beneficial to my later works. I can assume that there are going to be songs on here that people are going to dislike (probably because of my singing or other reason) but I am fine with that.

What was used to make this album was
-Fender Mexican Strat
-Epiphone Thunderbird bass
-Laguna Custom Bass
-Cheap Ibenez Acoustic
-Epiphone Acoustic guitar (mid ranged)
-Oxygen 49 Keyboard
-Digitech RP250
-Mixcraft and various synths and vst effects

Any comments, criticism, or support would be helpful. Hope you enjoy.