Hey UG,

Thought I might post some stuff about my band, Empty the Throne.
We've just released our EP, which you can grab a copy of here.
Our myspace is here.

Played with The Red Shore, Bermuda, Silent Screams etc etc. Give us a listen and post a comment either on here or on our Myspace. if you like us, we should have merch up in the not-too-distant future, along with hard copies of our EP. If anyone is keen to see tabs of our stuff, let me know, and I'll consult with the other guys.

More news and updates soon.

Empty the Throne
good shit. you guys need a facebook
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Quote by rwtf
good shit. you guys need a facebook

Agreed, you guys are great
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amazing...you sir deserve a lol stack

To me, it sounds fairly generic. There wasn't anything particularly impressive about either the vocals, nor the instrumentals. Not to mention, the entire demo sounds exactly the same.
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