A new song I've had recorded for me by a friend (named Ivan. - it's on his SoundCloud page, in the link below) - I played guitar, him bass (I didn't have the capacity to lug a bass to his house too ;D), and the synths and drums were performed by VSTs.

Give it a listen, if you don't mind

Cheers, and C4C,

P.S: There's a link to the Facebook fan page, if you do like it - I'd be glad to see you there : )
It's really cool dude
I also like the music your friend does too.
Keep it up both of you
I really like it! Sorry I can't offer any helpful critique, but I don't hear anything wrong with it
Great song! The mix was outstanding and the drums sound excellent. What VST is that, superior drummer? No complaints here, two thumbs up!
Let's party.
Gerbs?? And you like/make ambient music? This is really weird...Actually, I haven't made ambient music in a while now.

Anyway, your song is great! I like the guitar harmonies, for a start. They create a mysterious atmosphere, with a sort of underlying aggression below them, it's really cool.

And I like the amount of reverb and echo all your instruments have, they help maintain that brilliant atmosphere you've got going on.

I can't really find a criticism. I really dig this kind of music. Keep up the good work!

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Very pleasant song, I was impressed with the quality. Drum Vst´s + band are normally always sounding weird. But I liked the way it is in this mix. You kinda want to extend the low end on the drums tho, it sounds a bit thin. Although the song doesn´t change much, it is not very repetitive, and you managed to get a generic progression sound new and unique. Keep up the good work!

One thing I would change tho is the cymbal part at the end, maybe play around with the velocity and the reverb a bit more, to get a more "livey" sound!

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good tones....nice guitar harmonies....love the swells.....Mebe a switch into a different chord progression? it still progress nicely but....a switch would really liven it up.