a guy who is a master at shred metal,and techno etv...or a guy who is very good in all areas such?not outstanding at one thing but a good shredder,acoustic spanish player,jazz player,rock player....and any other style?Does it matter if the 1st guy is a guitar teacher and has more experience?
You're comparing apples and oranges. Some guitarists are more versatile than others, but that doesn't make them better. Like most things, the guitar has become a pursuit with a number of specialties. One is no better than another. The best course is to learn as much as you can and tailor it all to fit what you want to do.
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Now that is one f*****g stupid question.

EDIT: reading back, thats a bit harsh of me... but it is a bit of a daft question since its so subjective...
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That isn't a fair question. It depends on what aspect you're looking at, and the personal preference of the person being asked. One isn't better than the other, really.
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Honestly, neither of the two. For me the better guitarist is the one who keeps me entertained, amused or moved more by his/her playing. If the playing is technically perfect or if the player shows excellent versatility is of a little concern to me.
For example Neal Morse is a keyboard player, not a guitarist, and still, whenever he picks up a guitar "for a change", he delivers some great playing, imho. He is neither technically proficient nor "universal player, yet, in a way, he is a great guitar player because what he plays makes all perfect sense.
while you cant really compare i would personally prefer to be the second