Great solos! Killer shredding on the first one. Awesome melodic and soulful playing on the second two! Very clean and defined sound, great tones. I like that they all have their own feel and life, I guess you could say. Keep rockin'!
Let's party.
Thanks man! Yeah I try to make them sound as unique as possible, my second one is probs my fave solo.

Ill check out one of your tunes now (Y)
i listend to aviation swing. great song! i mean that. great rythem. singing is good. best thing i've heard today. cetchy. lyrics are good too. commercial even, i could here this on the radio. very good man. kinda a more energetic jack johnson/jam band thing. sweet stuff. im texting my friend to have him listen to yall. good song. "like aviation it takes me away" great haha. i love it. well done. i liked that mid song solo too.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=25154088#post25154088
Thanks a lot Chasepalmer! Yeah "Aviation Swing" was just this fun thing me and the singer used to play, its basically just a swung version of our song "Like Aviation" which is more rocky etc. It's on our myspace @


I'll check your one the now man