If I were to use an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer to boost my clean signal and work the tubes harder, just how much gain would I get? I currently own a Marshall DSL401 and it's a fantastic amp, but sometimes I just want more gain for metal and whatnot. So if I were to use a tube screamer to work the tubes harder would I have all the gain I could want? Or just a small bit more, or what?

My Overdrive doesn't give a lot of "crunch or distortion", the gain on overdrives are very small.
but enough distortion for a CLEAN sound.
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The ts9 is a good boost but it adds a lot of midrange frequency. For metal I guess you would want to keep the signal compressed, wouldnt you?
Maybe a Maxon 808 OD would be the best choice.

For a smoother boost maybe an MXR MC-401 Boost / Line Driver.
Okay. But I won't be using it as an OD pedal, I'm basically using it as a boost for the clean signal going into my amp, and then using the amp's gain to distort the tubes. But currently my amp does not distort enough, so I want to use the tube screamer to boost the clean signal coming from my guitar (i.e. turn the gain knob down to minimum and use just the volume knob on the pedal), thus working the tubes harder, which provides more gain. But I don't know how much gain I'll get.
Isn't a Maxon 808 OD just the same as a tube screamer ts808? I don't really want to compress. I just want a boost in the tone, so minimal tone loss would be good.
then just buy a booster?
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Something like a pre amp booster I see. Maybe an EH LPB-1.
I dont know if it is going to help the valves reaching saturation point but without an OD thats as far as it gets.
Nah, the LPB-1 messes with your EQ too much.

Go for like a BBE Boosta Grande or other kind of boost like that. There's quite a bit of them out there. It sounds like you really don't need an OD pedal, just a boost.
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If your using a TS to boost the clean channel......with the level at 10 and the gain at 0 your gonna get a real nice bluesly tone.....
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I would just use the pedal to add gain, just turn the gain knob on the TS and you'll get more gain, I typically leave the volume level near 12 o'clock cause the more level you add the louder it gets, and I'm not looking for louder, I want more gain, preamp gain, so you turn the gain knob to get more preamp gain.

You don't need a booster, just a simple OD pedal will do just fine, geeze people.
an eq might really help u a lot....
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I use a TS9 in this fashion.

Gain zero, level/volume max, tone to taste.

On a not-so-high-gain amp it will definitely push you a bit into metal territory (like I did with my old Orange Tiny Terror). Don't expect it to be a total night-and-day difference, but it does add some extra gain and sustain and just a different character.

Even on a high gain amp like my 6505+, there is a noticeable difference with the TS9. Instead of running my preamp gain on an unboosted 6505+ at 5-6, I nudge it back to 3-4 and run the TS9 in front, and it just sounds better.
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So should I get a booster or an od pedal then? I'll jst be using the od pedal for boosting so maybe a booster would be a better idea... I really like the look of the MXR MC-401....
What's your advice of that mix?

The orange TT + TS9? how it sounds?

I'm looking for a booster too , i have an orange TT + les paul custom.
I use a Maxon OD808 as a boost and it works great, I'd recommend it.

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Quote by J.J.G.
The ts9 is a good boost but it adds a lot of midrange frequency. For metal I guess you would want to keep the signal compressed, wouldnt you?
Maybe a Maxon 808 OD would be the best choice.

For a smoother boost maybe an MXR MC-401 Boost / Line Driver.

An OD 808 is going to add just as much of a mid hump...
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