Now, i know this sound stupid and it is, but i'm painting my room soon, and like, one wall is gonna be different to the others, and although i could simply use wallpaper, what's the fun on that, so i kinda want your help on what colours i should have.

Ok so the choices i have are:
Red and White
Purple and Blue(Dark)
Mint green and brown
Cream and brown
Red and black

Any other suggestions or one of them?
I'd go for one of the more neutral ones, like cream and brown.

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Put plastic on the floors and tape on the trim take all the colors and splash the walls until desired effect is reached.
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1. Make some home-made explosives.
2. Fill a balloon with all those color paints and explosives.
3. ???
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1. Make some home-made explosives.
2. Fill a balloon with all those color paints and explosives.
3. ???

Like this?
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Cream and Brown looks great, as does a white/cream and Red.

The creams and whites make the room look big and light, plenty of space. If you then do one "feature wall" of a nice brown (not too dark. Milk chocolate almost) or a red (think red wine colour) it looks very nice.
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I'd say white and red. While darker colours are nice and cozy, it really does make the room feel a lot smaller.
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Red and black, it is the most br00t4ls colour combination of all.

But it'll make the room appear tiny, as well as looking craptacular.
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Neutral ones, you wouldn't want to develop depressions with dark colors or anger issues with colors that are too flashy.
Cream and brown would be nice. Mines all blue, wish I'd picked something like cream, but I'd have to take everything out and buy more paint, and I cant be bothered with that.
Keep in mind that if you use dark colours, your room will look smaller and it'll be harder to paint over in the future
apparently the color red is supposed to make you angry.

that being said, if you are living on your own and will have ot paint your room back when you move out,


red is easily the HARDEST color to paint over.
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whatever colour you like really.
depends what size room it is, windows, lighting, and what things you're going to keep in it.

though you should totally break out a paint brush and make the wall a giant canvas!
I have white and red, but only one wall is red (back of the room where just my bed stands). I have no anger issues btw.. Don't know about repainting it. Anyhow, it's awesome