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I can play the guitar pretty good, and now i want to learn how to sing while playing. So how do I do that?

Practice, practice, practice, I know. But there's got to be some practice routines that's better than others. So if you know any good tips, please share.

Which songs should I start with? Which songs should I practice once I've learned the first few simple songs?

Are there any video courses, like Lick Library or something like that which can help me?
I'm curious about this as well. Every time I try to play a song and sing along, either I can't think about the lyrics cause I'm concentrating on playing or I can't play because I'm concentrating on singing.

My grandpa is the master at multitasking. He can play guitar and sing and play harmonica during the breaks between singing. He said he started by just humming the melody of the lyrics while playing the guitar.
Start by being able to fluently play chords, then as you're able to play them and change without thinking about it start to hum along to whatever tune you wish. If you can keep focus and not hesitate in playing you're doing well.

Then start adding actual words to these tunes. Practice some really easy pop songs to do this with. At least, that's what I did.
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The trick is to not see them as individual tasks but as one. Start with easy songs, for example viva la vida from Coldplay (3-4 chords basicly) en learn on what stroke what word is played.

Very slowly, like everything you practice on guitar, and soon you will get the flow of things. Its the same with drumming. You could be thinking your multitasking different patterns with feet and hands, but the trick is to always engage it as one simple entity.
Quote by DavidBenyamin
learn on what stroke what word is played.

^ This

Or just learn the lyrics, and of course learn the song fluently on your guitar, and simply don't think about your guitarplaying - At all, just feel the playing, and sing along to the beat. <-- That's the way I learned to do it... But hey, that's just me.
I would say For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica is a good choice. Mainly just Power Chords and open strings for the verses and chorus. I also find Paranoid - Black Sabbath and Sunshine of Your Love - Cream to be fun and not to difficult to try this with. I've never really had too much trouble with this though so can't offer any more advice
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perfect Guitar
Perfect Song
Synchronize them .

and this :
learn on what stroke what word is played.

Thats it
It's quite easy to sing and play at the same time if the rhythm for singing and playing is the same. I.e. a lot of Metallica or Megadeth songs, especially Fight Fire with Fire or first part of Holy Wars (or Hangar 18). If you notice, all the chords/notes are downpicked at the same time as a word is said. It actually took me no practice to sing Hangar 18 whilst playing at the same time.
Your betrayal by BFMV is good to get the singing / playing I managed to master that after a few days of messing around, I don't sing since well I can't sing for shit but it's just fun to sing along and play along to mp3s during the day for practice

I found when I'm not playing is just to listen to the song focus on the lyrics while imaging playing guitar in your head.. if that makes sense
thanks for all the tips!

But do anyone know any good acoustic songs so start with?
Quote by and3nlol
thanks for all the tips!

But do anyone know any good acoustic songs so start with?

Maybe try with Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

It's a fairly simple 4 chord song (G Em C D).
Way back when I was learning, the normal method taught in "folk" guitar methods (mostly singing with simple chord accompanyment) was to take very simple songs that everyone essentially knew from childhood.
Silly old folks songs like "on top of old smokey" and "home on the range" that everyone learned as little kids in elementary school.
Of course, that was back when you actually sang songs in school... We did every day.

Starting with simply-structured songs that you already had thoroughly memorized makes it fairly simple to play along, even if it's simple downstrokes on the beat chord stuff.

But that's a good way to start. Simple songs you know well, and keep the playing simple.
Try to nail the timing. When you can do that, then you can start adding in figures and runs and such.
An awful lot of folks never go much beyond that stage...That's why you have a "lead" guitarist in your band....