Hello, amp trouble again. I am looking at an Egnater 15 watt tweaker($400), but it will be my first amp head and so I need a cab. Only problem is, cab's a pretty expensive and most of the well reviewed ones are around 200 dollars more than the head! I really want to find a good cab that won't total my amp cost to around $1000, any help?
Look into Avatar cabs.

Another option, look for used Crate cabs. Depending on the specific model, they can be really awesome.
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if you live in Europe. Thomann.de, Harley Benton G212 Vintage. It has 2 V30s and is great for the money! 200e I think. To some countries 185e or so.
depending on where you live...

craigslist in the US can yield some great bargains.
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