I like your guitar tone and the rest of the instruments are fine as well. Your voice seems to be a little loud in the mix and is at times a little shaky. I feel like the bass and the guitars should be a little tighter with the drums as sometimes they get a little off rhythm the piano stuff is a little weird but the organ is fitting. The lead guitar tone is nice. I do like the overall idea of the song song tweaking and it'll be nice

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Smile alot today... okay?
nice mood setter here. i liked it. very relaxing.chilling. makes me wana go to a beach and chill for the day. great guitar playing. i like youre style. vocals remind me of the velvet underground. very laid back and fit the mood well. good stuff man. it might need to be tightend up a bit, the drums with the guitar ect. but sounded good. i liked it allot. great stuff man.

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