I just got a tattoo on my arm on thursday. I've been following most of the directions pretty well. But before I was taking a shower and I ran some water over it. When I got out, I went to put my shirt on and a lot of the ink and everything came off onto my shirt when I was putting it on. I can't really tell if it affected anything yet because there's a lot of black pieces on my arm and I'm scared to move them.

Can anybody tell me if this is normal for a tattoo thats healing? I'd appreciate any help because I'm pretty stressed out from this whole thing.
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You will get excess ink coming away from the tattoo but don't worry it won't fade or anything
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tattoo and body mod. thread.
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tattoo and body mod. thread.


But also aye excess ink will come away. It'll be a bit sort of slimy. It's when it's dry and coming away that it's worse.
Yeah, as everyone said, body mod thread and it's excess ink.

I've also experienced some peeling a couple of days after all of my tattoos, some ink went with the skin but it was never to a substantial effect.