Thats like saying "Fender, will this work for playing guitar?"

M-Audio is a brand, and they make a variety of different products.

I'm assuming you were looking at M-Audio Audio Interfaces or something, but can you please specify which?
Yes it will work with a mic, but if you already have a tone-port, why buy another interface? Get a small mixer to run your mic into and then run the mixer into your toneport.

I don't even use an interface. I bought a decent soundcard online, mic my cab, run to a mixer, and straight into the line-in on my soundcard. Never have to worry about latency that way.
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hmm the tonport only has a 1/4" phone jack, not an xlr input. not sure that would be a problem or not.

ok ill check out mixers as well

Thats why you run the mic into the mixer, because the mixer will have XLR inputs, and 1/4" outs to run to your toneport.

Edit: Of course you could go the cheap route and get an XLR to 1/4" cable and skip the mixer entirely, but I like the extra EQ available with the mixer.
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id grab the interface instead of a mixer. heck, you dont even need a mixer if you go that route, just a preamp. however, i would suggest saving up a bit more and getting a bigger interface. that one is a bit too similar to the toneport gx in terms of features/routing, so its not much of a step up. if you can save up enough to grab a 2 input interface, that is much more worth the step up imo.