Hey UG,

before I start I didn't search the search barr so mods feel free to close this thread down.

Anyways I was doing the survery and came up with questions like:

10. Do you think more girls should play guitar?

11. What can be done to help more girls start playing guitar? (please select all that apply)

12. Do you think an Ultimate-Guitar section for girls would be cool?

I have no problem, about Girls playing or anything but I don't see how if UG had a girls section would do any good, they would come to this site for tabs and maybe forums but I don't see how Girls section would get more girls attention.

Argh rant/

What is your opinion on these questions?
there's a survey?

I wonder what a "girl's section" would entail, exactly. I don't even know what would draw them in...
Why didn't you use the search-bar? You should before you make any thread...

And, those are pretty bad questions. I don't think it matters if girls play guitar or not...

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Reminds me of all those recruitment programmes to encourage girls to study sciences and engineering.

We don't need more guitarists of a particular gender. They should play if they want to. That's really all it comes down to. Giving them their own forum is probably giving them more attention that they want. Everyone in the Pit seems to already love the few girls that frequent it.
...Who cares whether or not someone chooses to play guitar? If they do, cool if not, that's cool too.
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Seeing on the front its sponsered by daisy rock guitars, so that might be the reason.
Everyone knows that girls only use the internet for facebook and looking up recipes to make better sandwiches. There are no girls on this site, only traps.