Mainly looking for a guitarist to jam with and talk mooozik too im 34 so prob be best if round that age group too. I'm a bass player (no don't just play the root) Have a drummer to if needed although he is improving(taking lessons)
I live in Watford, im a guitarist, and im looking people to jam with!!!! This would be perfect if i wasnt 19 y.o
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Hi, Not exactly Watford but I live in Maidenhead (near Windsor).... only about 30 mins if the M25 is being nice!

I play guitar, am a very young 33 (!) and am looking to set up a " dirty blues band" (think Black Keys with some white stripe rawness and some extra bits thrown in). Got another great guitarist in the mix, and "possibly" a very good girl singer. Have played with a drummer but not 100% sure of him so am looking for a sticks man too, as well as a bass man.

Going to try to sort out a jam in the next few weeks (got some family stuff going on at the mo - wife is ill, but as soon as that clears up will be up for it).

Maybe you could tell me a bit about yourself? What sort of music are you into? What do you like playing? Had much experience with Bands?

Hope to hear back, Rob