Ok, I have a problem.
I have this problem with both guitar and bass. I try to keep my thumb in the middle or bottom of the neck, because I play better like that.
However, when I try to play standing up, my wrist is always bent. If I move my thumb over the neck, my wrist straightens up.
So I thought, I'll make my guitar higher. And it hasn't worked.
I've tried every height from Rob Trujillo to Tom Morrello, and my wrist is still bent.
Please help!
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You can't play guitar without bending your wrist.

Yeah, if its how i think it is, this is completely natural
Is the bent wrist causing you pain?

Do you warm up and do stretches before you play? If not I highly recommend it.

Also, if your neck is horizontal then your wrist will be bent more, if you angle the neck/headstock towards the ceiling a bit then you should be able to keep your wrist straighter.

Hopefully this helps
When I play seated, I often use an almost-classical position that results in a nearly-straight wrist.
However, for just about anything else... A little wrist-bend is hard to avoid.

The less the better, however. Extreme bends, as are necessary when trying to use that sexy "low-slung" position, puts a lot of stress on the tendons and weakens your grip as well.
Carpal tunnel in the making.....