I was just wondering how many people print out internet tabs and use them instead of buying tab because internet tabs are just more convenient than the tabs from music publishers. I find that must printed tab books won’t even stay open on a music stand without clips of some kind, so turning pages is a pain. And the printing is often too big, forcing me to flip back and forth too much. I can print out tabs myself, punch holes in them, and stick them in a binder and it’s infinitely more convenient—even if the tab is wrong I spend less time figuring out the problems than trying to flip pages in a tab book. Why don’t music publishers do simple tabs with spiral bindings?
I have no problem with the books, it's just that I never want to sit down and learn every song in them to justify buying one. It does bother me, though, when people say "it's the official book, so it's automatically correct," or "lolz why did you tab it this way when it's different in the book?" In that respect, I've seen a lot of net tabs that are better than the ones from the book.
your right- the tabs are better than the books. Official doesnt always mean the tabs are correct but the online tabs are more accurate.
apparently, the official tab books have been transposed into a different key to the recordings on the artists album due to some copyright shizz, internet tabs have been carefully noted down from people listening to the album, so sometimes, they are more accurate
I actually saw a tab from here that was apparently a complete copy of an official tab, and it was wrong. It was a led zeppelin tab btw.

Making official tabs wrong is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Its not like giving them an accurate tab is like giving them the actual song, or giving them the rights to the songs.

When I get in a band (ok, IF i get in a band...) I'll have my official tabs as free downloads on a website or coming free with the album, so when you've bought the album you can learn all the songs on it.
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Well it depends on who's putting out the tab books. If it's Hal Leonard or similar then they're more than likely to be worse than the tabs that get uploaded here.

But if the bands themselves are putting out the tab books, then you're getting the tab exactly how it was meant to be played, with their preferred fingering and everything. And really, who could tab an Obscura solo without the book?

Also, my Fortress and Carving Desert Canyons tab books came on rings, so the pages actually stay open.
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The are you dead yet album tab book says "Artist Approved Tabs" which means the artist gave permission for the company to release a tab book of their songs, its a play on words, best tabs are always made by fans unless the tabs were made before the album was released like the Necrophagist tab book for example. I always hate how guitar magazines release terrible transcriptions and then have a go at internet tabs being inaccurate.
i have the hal leanard rhcp greatest hits...tbh its more accurate than the tabs download of tabguitar.

but it might be that rhcp put it out cos i remember actually seeoing hal leanard in one of the album sleeves...i dont think theyre only tab book but maybe have something to do with production. not sure though