I was just wondering if anyone knew a cheaper alternative to a gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway. I played it in a shop in Birmingham and really liked its style and the way it played, but it was completely out of budget.

My budget is about £500 ($775 US) and it was over a grand and - being 15 - I can't really muster up the cash at the moment.

If anyone has any cheaper alternatives that'd be great.

a double cut PRS SE maybe?
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PRS SE Custom 22/24, maybe an SG of some sort. A Faded SG runs what, $750 new? Even less used.
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I think he wants a legitimate DC. I think Agile has one, but they have P-90s in it.
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Deffinately Yamaha SG.

Not a new one, the old 80s MIJ ones, SG800 should fetch around the £500 mark on eBay.

THeyre arguably better than gibbys. Slimmer neck profile too.

LP DCs go for around £600/700 on eBay too.
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MIJ tokai would be worth considering- they have a doublecut with humbuckers for about £600, or if you mean the one with p90s, they have one of those too for a similar price.
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